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FBM CD009 Shifter Adapter For 2JZ (SHIFTER ONLY)


FBM CD009 Shifter Adapter For 2JZ (SHIFTER ONLY)

$799.00 $699.00

The Newest CD009 Shifter Kit On the Market!

For MK4 Supra and GT86 !

Free Shipping In the US 48 States!

See the video review here:  Shifter Operation Video




FRS/BRZ/GT86   (See Video Link Below)

MK4 Supra

If you have already mounted your CD009 into your car and need a shifter look no further!  The best part of this shifter is the reverse lockout function.  On every other CD009 shifter, you have to push down and move the shifter into reverse, which is somewhat difficult to do.  With the new FBM shifter the reverse lockout functions like a V160 Supra 6 speed,  using a sliding up lockout to move the shifter into the reverse position.   Check out our video here:   Shifter Operation Video



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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 cm

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