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K24 Swap Mounts For FRS/BRZ/GT86


K24 Swap Mounts For FRS/BRZ/GT86

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The wait is finally over!  We are now offering a mount solution to put a Honda/Acura K24 Engine into your FRS/BRZ/GT86 !

The mounts will feature 90a durometer polyurethane mount bushings.  We have used this compound with success in our 2JZ mount kit.  There will be noticeable NVH or vibration with these mounts as they are intended for race use only.

The mount kit is built around a K24 engine and and Honda S2000 6 speed manual transmission.  NOTE: A custom shifter will need to be made to fit the stock center console.

These mounts will require a custom oil pan to fit.  We are developing an oil pan solution but it is not ready or tested as of yet.

These mounts were designed around a K24 block.  We have not fitted a K20 block to the car yet.   We chose the K24 because is is the taller of the 2 choices and the bigger displacement block.  If you choose to do a K20 we cannot guarantee fitment.  We recommend a K20 Head and K24 block if you want to go that route.

These are in production and will not ship for approximately 5 weeks.

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 cm

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