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K Swap Oil Pan For FRS, BRZ, GT86

K Swap Oil Pan For FRS, BRZ, GT86


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The Only K Series Swap Pan For FT86!

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Finally the wait is over!  We have been back and forth numerous times on how to make an oil pan that is  affordable, yet effective.  We have opted to go the route of a steel pan, modified to clear the subframe of the FT86 chassis.   The pan uses factory mounting holes and hardware from any K series with a steel oil pan.  We have test fitted this to both USDM and JDM K24s.

PLEASE NOTE!  This pan is designed to work with the RSX Type S Oil Pump ONLY!  The Type S pump is the #1 choice for any K series build because it allows maximum flow and can be spun up to 8500RPM.  There is a lot of information on the internet about installing a Type S oil pump onto your stock engine.  Please refer to the numerous youtube videos available.

The pan seals with HondaBond or a similar RTV silicone gasket, no paper gasket needed.

We also include an aluminum oil pickup baffle with hardware with the pan.  The baffle surrounds the oil pickup (RSX Type S Oil Pump) and bolts to the existing windage tray bolts using the supplied hardware.

As with any high performance vehicle, we highly recommend monitoring your oil pressure at all times, especially in racing conditions.

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 11 × 7 cm

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