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PURE LSX Swap Into Toyota 86 Plug and Play Package With MoTeC M130 Stand Alone By Obsidian Motorsports Group

PURE LSX Swap Into Toyota 86 Plug and Play Package With MoTeC M130 Stand Alone By Obsidian Motorsports Group


The Simple Way To LS Swap Your FT86!  Normal turnaround is 6 weeks currently, but for $150 more, we will bump your harness to the front of the line!  Email SwapYour86@gmail.com For Inquiries.  Out of Country Sales Please Email Us!





You’ve Put an LS Swap into your 2013-2107 86 Platform,  how are you going to make it run and still use all the factory functions and amenities of your car?

After trying numerous methods of getting an LSX Swap to work in the Scion FRS/Subaru BRZ platform, buying multiple wiring harnesses with various issues, and spending countless dollars on other company’s “Solutions”,  we decided to take matters into our own hands.

Swapping an LSX into any car is not for the faint of heart.  It requires a laundry list of parts to make it fit right, run right, and drive right.  Physically putting the engine into the car is fairly easy using all of our swap parts.  Buying Go-Fast parts for your LSX engine is pretty straight forward.  But getting it to run in a car it didn’t originally come in, that is  an entirely different issue.

The FRS/BRZ electronic system relies heavily on CAN BUS.  That makes it very difficult to make basic amenities, such as the gauge cluster, work with the swapped engine.   Other cars output different signals than the FRS/BRZ.   Many people have tried short cutting this, but it never quite works like factory.

So how do you make it work?  You find an ECU that’s intelligent enough to convert the swapped engine data, into something the car can understand!  With our kit, you will be able to bridge the communication gap.  We have teamed up with Obsidian Motorsport Group to develop a complete package that will make swapping your FRS/BRZ a breeze!

What Factory Functions Do I Get to Keep?

OEM Power Steering  -OEM Electronic Throttle Pedal  -OEM Gauge Cluster  -OEM Wheel Speed Sensors and ABS System  -OEM Fan Module Control  -OEM Fuel Pump Module Control

What does MoTeC offer for your setup?  

The real question is, what doesn’t it offer?  MoTeC is the pinnacle of control and customization for your setup.  Endless possibilities for customization await you.  Everything from basic functions like boost control to fully customized traction control!   For more information, contact us!

What do you need?

Our Plug and Play MoTeC M130 Kit, Which Includes:

-MoTeC M130 Stand Alone ECU

-MoTeC M130 Data Logging Package Level 2

-Obsidian Motorsport Group LSX Toyota 86 Swap Package

-Obsidian Motorsport Group / PURE  Toyota 86 to  LSX Adapter Harness

-Pure Automotive Custom LSX Engine Harness With BRZ Breakout Harness



In order to guarantee proper function and true “Plug and Play” capability, this kit can not be split up.

Package Price $5995 Plus Shipping  *Does Not Include Tuning

Please Allow 2-3 Weeks Build Time If you Use Our Standardized Engine Harness Or 4-6 Weeks For Custom Engine Harnesses Built to Your Specs.

*Shipping Will Be Billed After Product Is Complete

As with any of the engine swap parts, there is often a need for modification of the car and sometimes the parts.  Swapping your vehicle with an engine that it did not come with is recommended for off road use only, Pure Automotive Performance LLC’s maximum liability is limited to the purchase price of the products and nothing more.   Pure Automotive Performance LLC WILL NOT be held liable for any damages to the vehicle, customer, or claims from a third party.

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 8 cm

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